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26O                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

plant the "tree of liberty," he set fire to all the
farms and villages. He has since been beheaded.
Don Domenico Caraffa continued loyaL

The King likes Palermo, and will probably
never forgive Naples; nor can the Queen, for
they hooted her, calling out " Fuora la Messa-
lina!" and she met with no kindness when she
went to Vienna, from her daughter, the Empress,
who soon got tired of her, and at last treated her
quite ill. But the Queen never had intended to
remain there. She took her three daughters with
her; Christina1 is to be married to the Duke de

Berri,   and  she   wishes  to  give  the next to  the

Archduke Charles.

Mr. Coutts tells me Sir W. lost a good deal

of money  at   Palermo.    You may remember  he

was always fond of play, and played like a child.

His   estate  does   not  give  him   above   1,000   a

year;  add to this a pension of 2,000, and that

will not keep up their present establishment.

Paesiello is   still  at  Naples,   in   disgrace  for

having  composed  a  fine hymn for the "tree  of

liberty," when the French were there.

When Abbe Galiani was dying, nobody could

get him to be penitent; the Queen, therefore, un-

i Afterwards Queen of Sardinia.